About Self-Sampling, How To Test Yourself

Our simple kits can collect either a urine or a vaginal swab sample along with a finger-prick blood sample to test for blood borne viruses. Some kits may also offer you additional swabs to test for oral and rectal infections if you have indicated you are at risk of these infections.

Full sample collect instructions are included in your kit, but are also available below along with instructional videos.

If you try but are unable to collect a blood sample, we will still test your swab or urine for chlamydia and gonorrhoea (the most common infections).

The tests you are offered may be based on the responses you provide during your online consultation.

The consultation has been designed with clinicians to provide the most appropriate set of tests for you. Where you are at a low risk from some infections, it's often not helpful to complete tests for them. While our tests are very accurate (among the most accurate available) if lots of low risk users complete tests this can increase the likelihood of false results.

If you are concerned about infections that we don't test for, we would recommend you contact your local sexual health service to discuss this.