Barking Community Hospital

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Live locally? You may be eligible for a free postal STI test kit, sign in or check for local services.

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Barking Community Hospital
Sexual Health Clinic
Outpatients East Barking Hospital
Upney Lane
IG11 9LX


Walk-in (am)
09.00am – 11.30am
Walk-in (pm)
13.00pm – 16.00pm
Walk-in (am)
12.00pm – 14.30pm
Walk-in (pm)
16.00pm – 19.00pm
Walk-in (pm)
13.00pm – 16.00pm
Walk-in (am)
09.00am – 11.30am
Walk-in (pm)
13.00pm – 16.00pm
Walk-in (am)
09.00am – 11.30am
Walk-in (pm)
13.00pm – 16.00pm

This clinic has 211 SmartKits in stock for collection.

Current stock includes 0 Type A (for urine/swab), 81 Type B (for urine and blood sampling), 77 Type C (for swab and blood sampling) and 53 Type D (for swab/urine, rectal, throat and blood sampling).

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SHL Participating Clinic

This clinic is participating in our sister service, SHL.UK.
If you are a London resident you may be eligible to use SHL.

This is a main hub for sexual health and contraceptive services. You can come for advice and support, free condoms and there's even a speciality clinic for people under 20.

Contraception is available for residents of Havering, Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and any other London Borough. We also provide services if you are a resident of a non London borough and have emergency contraception needs, are under 18 years of age or have IUD or IUS pain.

  020 8970 5724

  Barking Community Hospital Website

Offers Asymptomatic Screening
Services for Symptomatic MSM/Trans Patients
Services for Symptomatic MSW Patients
Services for Symptomatic Female Patients
Offers Chlamydia Treatment
Offers Gonorrhoea Treatment
Offers Syphilis Treatment
Offers HIV PEP
Offers Hepatitis B PEP
Confirmatory Testing for HIV, Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B
HIV Management Following Confirmation of Diagnosis
Offers Hepatitis B Vaccinations
Offers Emergency Contraception (Pill)
Offers Emergency Contraception (Coil)
Offers LARC (Implants)
Offers LARC (Coil)
Offers General Contraception (inc. Depo Injection)
Offers Drug Support Services
Offers Alcohol Support Services
Offers Chemsex Support Services
Offers Young Person’s Services (for 16-17s)
Offers Young Person’s Services (under 16s)
Health Adviser Support Available